East Ramapo Board Puts School for sale After Court Rejected Initial Sale

East Ramapo seeking nearly $5M for Hillcrest school

Shuttered elementary goes back on the market

Written by Mareesa Nicosia

NEW CITY — The merry-go-round of unsuccessful real estate transactions involving the Hillcrest Elementary School, which was closed by the East Ramapo school district nearly four years ago, has come full circle.

The property on Addison Boyce Drive is back on the market and the district is asking $4.85 million.

It’s the second time the district is trying to sell the school after officials closed it in 2010, amid public outcry, on the erroneous premise that public school enrollment would decline in the coming years.

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Court Voids East Ramapo School Lease to Yeshiva

Hillcrest lease set to be nullified

Judge: State was correct to annul E. Ramapo deal

 Jan. 31, 2014   |  

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