The Journal News 9/13/14: E. Ramapo Superintendent demeans Immigrant Students

View: East Ramapo shuns immigrant students

East Ramapo’s superintendent dares to assert that “illegal” students “from Central and South America” don’t want the same education as everyone else. Yet, students register for school with dreams – and rights.

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This American Life 9/12/14: The Not So Simple Majority

534: A Not-So-Simple Majority

Sep 12, 2014

We take it for granted that the majority calls the shots. But in one NY school district, that idea — majority rules — has led to an all-out war. School board disputes are pretty common, but not like this one. This involves multimillion-dollar land deals, lawyers threatening to beat up parents, felony criminal charges, and the highest levels of state government. Meanwhile, the students are caught in the middle.

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