NYCLU 3/15: Push to Reject the Private School Tax Credit

Action Alert
Protect public education: Reject the private school tax credit

As New York’s political leaders are negotiating the state’s education budget, a proposal pushed by charter schools and the Catholic Church would give huge tax breaks to people and corporations that donate money to private, parochial and charter schools.  

Providing tax credits to education “investors” represents a bold step toward the further privatization of public education in New York – in effect, transferring hundreds of millions of tax dollars to sectarian schools and charter schools.     

This tax credit scheme would be a disaster for public education. Funding for public schools has been slashed since the 2008 fiscal crisis – this scheme would siphon funding from schools that are already operating on a subsistence budget. Moreover, this proposal would undermine the separation of church and state by allowing taxpayer money to support religious schools. 


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