Press Release 6/2/15: Coalition to Honor Co-Sponsors of Bills A. 5355 and S. 3821

Leaders of the American Jewish Committee, Rockland Clergy for Social Justice, Uri L’Tzedek and Reform Jewish Voice of New York will hold a press conference on June 4 to condemn recent efforts to use anti-Semitism as a shield for injustice in the East Ramapo School District.  The event at the West Side Jewish Center, 347 W. 34th Street, New York City will also constitute a meeting of a coalition to honor Co-Sponsors of A. 5355 and S. 3821
as Civil Rights Heroes and Keepers of Justice in the Jewish Tradition.

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Press Release 6-2-15 Jewish Coalition to honor Co-sponsors of ER Oversight Bill 6/2/15: An Immoral Use of Jewish Power in Upstate New York

Opinion National

An Immoral Use of Jewish Power in Upstate New York

New York State’s legislative session is in full swing, and thousands of Jews from across denominational lines are expressing their support for two bills that, on the face of it, don’t seem to have anything to do with typical Jewish issues like Israel or liberal social causes.

But these bills — A.5355 and S.3821, as they’re known in Albany — are the test case for the moral future of Jewish life in New York, perhaps even the whole country.                 Read more…

Journal News 5-22-15: East Ramapo Oversight Bill Gains Support

East Ramapo oversight bill gains traction

Bill wins support with endorsements but could face uphill battle in Albany.

NY Times: NYS Assembly Should Support East Ramapo Monitor Bill 6/3/15

 NEW YORK STATE has a proud tradition of local decision making in public education. However, students in the public schools in East Ramapo, about 30 miles north of Manhattan, in Rockland County, are being denied their state constitutional right to a sound basic education by a board that has grossly mismanaged the district’s finances and educational programs.       Read more…

Rockland Clergy for Social Justice & Others Say NYS Bill A 5355 is not Anti-semetic

Some East Ramapo Central School District supporters have said Bill A 5355 S 3821 authorizing the appointment of a state fiscal monitor to the East Ramapo school district is anti-Semitic.  

 However, the outpouring of support in favor of the legislation by leading Jewish organizations, such as the Religious Action Center for Reform Judaism, Uri L’Tzedek (Orthodox for Social Justice), the American Jewish Committee,  as well as Jewish members of Rockland Clergy for Social Justice, the New York City Bar Association and the New York State School Boards Association, suggests that this is not the case.

Please view the following documents and letters of support.

RAC Statement Endorsing Bill A5355 May15

Uri L’Tzedek Support of Bill A5355 May15

Rockland Clergy for Social Justice Quotes Endorsing Bill A5355

AJC Heastie A5355 Enndorsement

Legislative Report on Bill re State Monitor East Ramapo 5.12.15