Education Law Center 1/19/16: ER Parents File Lawsuit to Require Remedial Action in ER

On January 14, public school parents in East Ramapo filed a petition in State Supreme Court in Albany, asking the court to direct the NYS Board of Regents and the State Education Department to take concrete remedial action to safeguard their children’s right to a sound basic education as guaranteed by the New York State Constitution.

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Education Law Center 1-19-16 – ER Parents Sue SED & Board of Regents

ELC East Ramapo Petition Jan. 2016

Journal News 1/7/16: Patricia Simmons Lifted Her School, Staff & Students

Simmons lifted her school, her staff, her children

Scholarship, kindness and optimism fill East Ramapo’s Fleetwood Elementary, a legacy to the school’s longtime principal

The troubles of East Ramapo — the community tensions, the growing needs among public-school students, the budget cuts and concomitant dwindling education quality — are well-documented.

Yet children in East Ramapo keep rising. That’s because of people like Patricia Simmons, former principal of Fleetwood Elementary. No matter the hurdles her school and her students faced, she wouldn’t give up, wouldn’t let staff give up and certainly wouldn’t let children give up.

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Journal News 1/4/16: ER Educator Patricia Simmons Dies

East Ramapo elementary school principal dies

Patricia Simmons, 63, was the longtime principal of Fleetwood Elementary

Simmons, 63, died Dec. 27 of cancer. She had been principal at Fleetwood Elementary since 2001, earning a reputation as a forceful advocate of students and teachers during a period of widespread cuts and turmoil in the troubled district.

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