Journal News 12/7/16: ER Approves $58 Million Capital Bond

East Ramapo voters approve $58M capital bond

According to unofficial results released around 11:45 p.m., 1,641 voters were in favor of the bond, while 375 were against it. The second proposition on the ballot, which sought approval to borrow $1,127,920 from the state to replace windows and doors at Kakiat and Fleetwood elementary schools also passed with 1,651 votes.

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Info on East Ramapo Bond Vote 12/6/16

East Ramapo residents vote today on the Bond proposed by the State Education Department to help renovate District school buildings.  Andrew Mandel of Strong East Ramapo wrote this analysis :

East Ramapo residents will go to the polls today to decide on two propositions, both of which need a YES vote to move forward with all of the changes to boilers, roofs, windows, bleachers and other needs across the district. There are two propositions because one involves the approval of special state aid.
The plans only involve renovations and repairs in public school buildings, and the State Education Department has pledged to monitor the entire process to avoid any mismanagement of funds.
The Journal News has endorsed the bond, as has Assemblywoman Ellen Jaffee, the Spring Valley NAACP and Padres Unidos.

“The NAACP supports the bond proposal as long as the New York State Education Department is committed to comprehensive oversight, guidance and technical assistance related to decisions of the East Ramapo board and superintendent regarding planning, management and monitoring the capital bond project,” wrote Willie Trotman, president of the NAACP.

As an additional safeguard, state lawmakers Ellen Jaffee, Ken Zebrowski and David Carlucci have written a letter to Governor Cuomo, asking him to include the reauthorization of East Ramapo oversight in his 2017 budget, which includes requiring the Commissioner’s approval to sell district real estate.  More updates on this in the weeks to come.