5/6/17 Commissioner Elia’s reverses her earlier rejection of East Ramapo’s budget proposal for 2017-18

Oscar Cohen writes:

Commissioner Elia rejected the Board’s initial budget proposal on learning it had concealed five days of non-mandated transportation for non-public schools on days public schools are closed. She then reversed herself and approved a budget that included fourteen days of non-mandated transportation for non-public schools. (Additional public school education services were also added). Her decision was apparently based upon the Board president’s commitment to turn out the non-public school community to vote for an override to the NY State tax cap.

Many in the community, including the NAACP, are upset over the apparent furtive action between the Commissioner and Board president resulting in fourteen non-mandated non-public school transportation days being approved after the Commissioner had rejected the budget when it contained five days.

Last year’s East Ramapo legislation requires the Commissioner to expand educational programming “to the greatest extent possible.” Commissioner Elia’s conclusion, just a week earlier, that prioritizing even five days of non-mandated transportation would be highly inappropriate struck many by surprise and has created significant turmoil.



NAACP appreciation (4/26) to Commissioner for rejecting 5 days non-mandated, non-public schools

NAACP critical (4/27) of Commissioner Elia’s reversal of budget decision

Commissioner’s rejection of budget with 5 days non-mandated, non-public school transportation

Commissioner’s approval of budget with 14 days non-mandated non-public school transportation

Link: Andrew Mandel’s Journal News Opinion—


Trotman to Elia Nonmandated Bus Service 4-27-17

Trotman to Commissioner re Rejection of ER Budget 4-25-17

Letter Elia to Weissmandl re budget 04-21-17

Letter Weissmandl to Elia re nonmandated transportation 04-21-17

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