Strong East Ramapo 5/8/17: ER Budget Hearing & Tax Cap Override

Hi there,
Please make every effort to attend and raise your voice at the East Ramapo Budget Hearing tonight (Monday, May 8) at the district headquarters (105 S. Madison), where the board and superintendent NEED to hear your feelings about the proposed tax-cap override and 14 days of non-mandated non-public busing. Friends and supporters of district residents are encouraged to join as well!  Arrive at 7 p.m. so you can get yourself on the speakers’ list.
While we know that everyone is entitled to make their own decision about the budget, our candidates will be voting NO for the following reasons:
— This is NOT the time to prioritize non-public non-mandated transportation over the educational necessities of public school families. Our students lack MANY basics after years of dramatic cuts, and agreeing to pay for extra busing at a time like this shortchanges the children who have no other option but public school.
— It is never appropriate to create a budget without the involvement of public school advocates.
— People who are scared to vote NO on the budget should know that the law allows the superintendent and the school board to create a second budget to put in front of voters in June. If the budget fails, the district needs to go back to the drawing board — with public school advocates — in order to restore critical educational services before focusing on non-mandated non-public wishes.
— This unreasonable budget is another reason why we MUST elect public school parents — Allie, Chevon and Eric — to the board.
Thanks, everyone,

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