East Ramapo Underground & Power of Ten 5/13/17: Appeal to Vote in School Board Elections on May 16

East Ramapo Underground

VOTE NO on the Budget on May 16th

Vote for Allie Manigo, Eric Goodwin and Chevon Dos Reis

      First, the Board and Wortham, tried to deceive the Commissioner and sneak in 5 extra days of busing to the yeshiva’s . Then when caught, they demand and with the Commissioner as an enabler put in 14 extra days of busing.

With all the board’s lies, deceptions and broken promises do we really believe that they change next year? Hell NO!

This increase above the Tax Cap will also make taxpayers lose their rebate checks for this year! A double whammy to taxpayers.

Our only choice is to VOTE NO.  Read below an important message from Power Of Ten.

East Ramapo Underground

From Power of Ten
1) Budget Blackmail and Betrayal
There is no other way to say it. The superintendent, the monitors, and the commissioner were given an ultimatum: “Put $1.4 million into the budget for ultra-orthodox yeshivas, or we will vote the budget down.”
It was a test, and they failed.

The correct answer was given by Assembly member Ellen Jaffee, who said “While on the surface overriding the tax cap appears to be a long-term strategy, the board’s proposal will reverse the positive direction the district has taken and undermine the trust that together we have worked so hard to establish.”
We can longer have confidence that Commissioner Elia will act with integrity and sensitivity. We must hold her accountable for this betrayal of our trust.

2) NO Confidence
It is unacceptable and irresponsible to approve a budget based on quid-pro-quo deal and misrepresentations. Commissioner Elia should have known better. She must be held responsible.
Please sign the petition on the power of ten website calling on the NY State Board of Regents to cast a vote of no-confidence in Commissioner Elia, and for her to step down as Commissioner of Education.

3) NO on the budget
How can we adequately express our outrage over the deceptive and prejudicial budget deal? We are only given two choices: YES or NO. We were not included in the backroom deal-making. Even our one representative on the board was left out.

One writer to The Power of Ten expressed sadness over the decision she felt forced to make:
I am an educator as well as a taxpayer in the East Ramapo Central School District. I am extremely displeased and frustrated in the way the school board has been disenfranchising the public school children in this district. Since the time in which my own children have attended the public schools in the district, I have been witnessing a steady decline in the services, materials, etc. to which these students should be entitled.
Please do NOT approve any budget for East Ramapo that includes funding for non-mandated busing for non-public schools. All public school programs should be fully restored and adequately funded before considering expanding non-mandated services for non-public schools.
For the first time in over the thirty years that my husband and I have lived in the East Ramapo Central School District, we will not vote in favor of such a budget!!

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