Strong East Ramapo 6/21/17: ER Schools Budget Passes Vote!

Andrew Mandel wrote the following about the June 20th East Ramapo schools budget revote:

​Dear Strong East Ramapo,

In a vote of 2121 to 1809, the revised East Ramapo budget has passed! This is really significant both because it means new programs and services for public school students – and because, to me, it reflects good faith on the part of enough non-public school families who could have voted the budget down because they would have preferred non-mandated busing to be included. Further, it shows that every vote truly does count!

The results also mean we have a ton of work to do. First of all, voter turnout mirrors the current level of apathy, cynicism and disengagement that many in the community feel. We need to find ways to energize the public about critical votes like this. Second of all, we must try to begin a new chapter of sitting down and discussing differences across the various communities of the district. These budget votes shouldn’t be nail-biters. They should reflect a shared understanding of what matters most and how to get it done.

In the short term, THANK YOU to everyone who voted and helped to make this budget a reality. In the long term, we’ll be back at it soon.


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