Ultra-Orthodox Newspaper publishes an Oped Criticizing Organizers of YAFFED

On Nov. 13/17 the daily Ultra-orthodox newspaper published an oped article implicitly inciting violence against the organizers of YAFFED, the organization focused on improving the quality of secular education in Yeshivas.  The article equated providing secular education to stabbing a baby, using the term “Rodef” in his analogy, which is an ancient Jewish legal term that justifies killing as a defense.

There are many organizations advocating for better education.  YAFFED is one of these organizations, claiming in part that NY State has “turned a blind eye” to children in some yeshivas who are not learning “general studies”  – subjects most people know as English, Math, Science, and History.  Please visit www.yaffed.org  to learn about its work, sign their petition, contribute to their cause, like their Facebook page, or just send a message of encouragement.

Read the Oped in Hamodia…




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