9/11 Memorial & Museum Blog 5/31/18: Rescue Workers Honored at 9/11 Memorial Ceremony


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Rescue and Recovery Workers Honored in Special Ceremony at 9/11 Memorial Museum

Members of the 9/11 community gathered in Foundation Hall on Wednesday evening to pay tribute to those who took part in the rescue and recovery operations at Ground Zero. Photo by Jin Lee, 9/11 Memorial.

Members of the 9/11 community gathered at the 9/11 Memorial Museum Wednesday night to mark the 16th anniversary of the completion of the rescue and recovery efforts at Ground Zero.

First responders, rescue and recovery workers, lower Manhattan residents and survivors of the attack came together near the Last Column in Foundation Hall for a special ceremony to honor the brave individuals who served with dedication and selflessness after the attack.

The ceremony paid tribute to those who took part in the nine-month recovery operations at Ground Zero, which removed 1.8 million tons of material from the World Trade Center site. A special program featuring firsthand accounts from individuals who aided in the relief efforts during the recovery operation preceded the ceremony.

Earlier in the day, a design was unveiled for a dedicated space to honor the ongoing sacrifice of rescue, recovery and relief workers, and the survivors and members of the broader lower Manhattan community, who are sick or have died from exposure to toxins at the World Trade Center site in the aftermath of 9/11.

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