Forward 6/27/18: The Jews Who Ignore Immigrants While Employing Them

The Jews Who Ignore Immigrants While Employing Them


The room sparkles, a montage of brilliantly colored wigs, gleaming cufflinks, the Sabbath china set. The men recite the prayers with such gusto! Bravo, what a Yeshivishe accent, every ‘oy’ pronounced loud and clear, your rebbe would be proud! We serve tuna tartare and foie gras and brisket, open a bottle of Glenmorangie. Someone shares a thought on the Torah portion; a song is sung. Our children sit around the table, wearing matching outfits, listening carefully.

Every week, at the Shabbat table, we gather and talk about the dangers of open borders, the specter of socialism, the comic fragility of liberals. MAGA! The embassy! Baruch Hashem!

And in the kitchen, there is a woman.

She is cutting fruit for dessert. Scrubbing the dishes we just dined on.

This woman works in many upper class American Jewish homes, quietly, obediently.

She thinks to herself in Spanish as she chops the vegetables for matzo ball soups, wipes down the counters, mops the floors, bleaches the toilets — just as we recline on sofas in the next room, discussing a viral meme depicting Donald Trump as the iron-fisted messiah.

Here is the secret that no one wants to talk about:

The very Jews who are writing so passionately in their local publications about the irrelevance of the immigration crisis to our community, releasing statements about ‘sober’ responses to the immigration crisis, posing for photo-ops with those who have promulgated these inhumane policies — it is often these very people who rely on cheap, undocumented immigrant labor in their day-to-day lives.


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