Preserve Ramapo 8/29/18: Julie Goldberg for NYS Senator in Rockland County

Julie Goldberg for State Senate–Sept 13 Primary

Hello Folks,

The September 13th primary is rapidly approaching and you can be sure that we will be making candidate endorsements across the political spectrum for all of the different parties holding electoral contests on that day.

For now, however, we want to draw your attention to the Democratic Primary for State Senate in the 38th district, which includes most of Rockland and a small piece of Westchester.

We strongly endorse Julie Goldberg for state senate in the 38th District. Her website is Please check it out and join the energy and excitement of her campaign.

Julie Goldberg has the integrity, the intellect, and the resume so necessary to be our champion in Albany. As an educator, activist, and working mother of two sons, Julie’s life experience gives her the insight so critical to be an effective state senator fighting for the issues that really matter to us.

Preserve Ramapo has no intention of endorsing David Carlucci, in the general election.

Carlucci, is an effective campaigner, but cannot be trusted. He makes believe he is a progressive Democrat, but he has not been a reliable supporter of public education. Behind the scenes he supports the large developers who have done so much to destroy responsible housing in Ramapo.

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