Williamsburg Patch 9/4/18: Cuomo Wins Endorsement of Grand Rebbe by Promising Not to Interfere with Schools

Gov Wins Endorsement By Promising To Leave Yeshivas Alone: Report

BROOKLYN, NEW YORK — Governor Andrew Cuomo earned the endorsement of a powerful Hasidic community leader last week after he promised not to interfere with Yeshiva schools that are currently at the center of a controversial city investigation, according to multiple reports.

Gov. Cuomo assured Satmar grand rebbe Zalman Teitelbaum that “he would not interfere in Yeshiva education” when the pair met in Brooklyn on Thursday night, Yeshiva World and Hebrew-language blog BeChadrei Chareidim first reported.

The governor’s reported promise came about two weeks after the New York City schools chancellor said city investigators had failed to gain entry into 15 of 30 Orthodox schools to look into accusations, levied by the Young Advocates For A Fair Education, that secular subjects such as English and math were not being taught.

The meeting with Tietelbaum, leader of two large Hasidic congregations in Williamsburg and Queens, also came two weeks before the gubernatorial primary, in which Cuomo is slated to face off against challenger Cynthia Nixon.

Gothamist noted that the endorsement was a win for Cuomo, as Brooklyn’s Hasidic communities tend to vote as a bloc and wield strong political power in New York.

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