The Chief 9/17/18: Increase in WTC Illnesses Causes Concern Re: 9/11 Cash

As WTC Illnesses Rise, Worry About VCF Cash

TOO COMMON A SIGHT: Memorials like this recent one held at Fire Department headquarters have become more frequent in conjunction with a spike in the number of World Trade Center-related illnesses among first-responders who spent extensive time at the site after the terrorist attacks 17 years ago.

The dramatic spike in the volume of World Trade Center illnesses and claims has officials concerned that the $7.4-billion 9/11 Victims Compensation Fund may not have enough money to pay all of the valid claims it receives before it is slated to close in December 2020.

Both first-responders and individuals who lived or worked in lower Manhattan during the attack and clean-up are eligible to file a claim for both non-economic losses and lost income, depending on their circumstance.

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