Westchester News 12 1/14/16: ER Parents Lobby for State Appointed Monitor in Albany

Parents lobby for East Ramapo oversight at State of the State

Parents say they want lawmakers to authorize an

Parents say they want lawmakers to authorize an oversight bill recommended by a monitoring team that has spent several months studying the school district. (January 14, 2016 6:29 PM)

East Ramapo parents lobbied lawmakers at Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s State of the State address Wednesday for more school district oversight.

Parents say they want lawmakers to authorize an oversight bill recommended by a monitoring team that has spent several months studying the school district.

If enforced, it would install a state monitor, equipped with the power to veto school board decisions….

1/20/16: The VCF 9/11 Fund Posts Info and Timelines Affected by Reauthorization


We have added this page to our website to provide a single place where you can find the latest information about the reauthorization of the September 11th Victim Compensation Fund (“VCF”). We encourage you to check the website and this page frequently for updates.

Key facts about the Reauthorization:

  • Online Registration is still available and claimants must meet their applicable registration deadline in order to preserve their right to file a claim in the future. The deadline for filing a claim has been extended to December 18, 2020.
  • Claimants with “Group A Claims,” defined as claims for which a loss determination was issued on or before December 17, 2015, will receive full payment of their loss amount. More details can be found in the reauthorization-related FAQs.
  • The VCF is still reviewing claims submitted prior to the reauthorization, but we cannot render any new compensation decisions until our policies and computation methodologies have been updated to reflect the new law.
  • The law specifies that the VCF cannot begin accepting new claims until the Special Master publishes updated regulations that reflect the changes required by the law. The regulations must be published by June 18, 2016.
  • Funding to pay Group B claims will not become available until all Group A payments have been made.

Links to more Information:

Journal News 1/5/16: Walcott Interviewed Re His Monitor Report

Walcott: No extra aid for E. Ramapo without monitor

East Ramapo monitor leader Dennis Walcott talks about his team’s report during a lengthy conversation with The Journal News Editorial Board on Tuesday. Peter Carr/The Journal News

State-appointed lead monitor discusses “Opportunity Deferred” report, the need for oversight and veto power, and more.

Walcott, a former New York City schools chancellor, appeared nonplussed by the criticisms. “‘I’m very comfortable looking (at) myself in the mirror,’ Walcott said during an interview Tuesday with the Editorial Board.

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Effective Radio 1/5/16: Points on Education from Interview with UFT President

On his radio show Dec. 13/15, Bill Samuels interviewed Michael Mulgrew about NYC public school education.  In a commentary issued Jan. 5/16, Samuels highlights 2 key points made my Mulgrew during the interview, especially regarding standardized testing.

Read his commentary below:

Effective Radio 1-5-15 – Education Points from Interview with UFT President

Power of Ten 12/27/15: Critique of Senator Flanagan Position vs. ER Monitor

Steve White, Editor of the Power of Ten website, takes issue with Senator Flanagan, NYS Majority Leader, who refuses to support the bill appointing a monitor for the East Ramapo Central School District.  He provides an historical summary of the reasons why a state-appointed monitor is necessary for the District.

Read his critique here:

Power of Ten 12-27-15 – Critique of Sen. Flanagan Position vs. ER Monitor

Rockland County Times 12/18/15: Wieder Resigns County Legislature


Posted December 18th, 2015


NEW CITY-County Legislature Aron Wieder(D-Spring Valley) resigned as majority leader to dedicate himself to fighting NYS-appointed E. Ramapo monitor Dennis Walcott and his three-person team’s recent 19 recommendations to overhaul East Ramapo school district oversight on Thursday, Dec 17.

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Journal News Editorial 12/14/15: ER Needs Monitor with Veto Power

Editorial: East Ramapo needs a monitor with veto power

We’ve now had two reports from monitors demanding oversight for the troubled district.

That was the clear message from the special monitor team that’s spent the last five months planted in the East Ramapo school district, sifting through financial information, visiting public-school classrooms, interviewing teachers and studying curriculum.

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Journal News 12/17/15: Walcott Team Recommends Monitor With Veto Power

Question of the Week: E. Ramapo monitor with veto power

A  panel has recommended a state monitor with power to veto the school board’s decision in East Ramapo