A4J Files Reply in Defendants Motion for Leave to Appeal Issue of Standing

The defendants are seeking to appeal the decision of Judge Seibel that the plaintiffs have standing to bring the lawsuit.   The plaintiffs’ answer to the petitions is found below.

Answer in Opposition To Petition


US Dept of Education Directive re Equal Education 10-1-14

The Assistant Secretary of Education put out a letter on October 1/ 14 describing the inequality of education that Black and White students currently receive in the US.  Here is the letter.

US Dept of Education Directive re Equality in Education 10-1-2014

NY Times 10-29-14: Dept of Education Statement on Equality

Journal News 10/23/14: E. Ramapo Compliance with Education Laws re New Immigrants

East Ramapo: Compliance on immigrant rights questioned

The former federal prosecutor who is monitoring East Ramapo schools questioned the district’s “understanding of and compliance with” the law governing immigrant students’ educational rights in a letter to the superintendent last month.

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Journal News 10/9/14: Ramapo Appeal Shocks Voters

Editorial: Ramapo’s appeal shakes voter faith

Ramapo’s Town Board should stop its appeal of a state Supreme Court judge’s do-over order.

The Ramapo Town Board had the opportunity to help clean up an election mess left by the town clerk’s mistakes, save the town money and finally instill some faith in the democratic process. Instead, by a 5-0 vote, the Town Board added insult to injury and blocked any hope that a quick resolution,

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Journal News 9/27/14: School Board Hires Lobby Firm for PR

East Ramapo hires Albany lobbying firm for PR

The East Ramapo school district is on track to spend at least $49,000 this year on an influential lobbying firm and longtime Albany insider tasked with bolstering the troubled school board’s image and leading its campaign to convince the state to increase its education aid.

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Journal News 10/1/14: Judge Orders Ramapo Votes Impounded

Judge orders Ramapo referendum votes impounded

As Ramapo residents flocked to the polls to vote on election districts and adding two council seats Tuesday, there was some confusion on who could vote. At some polling places, Ramapo poll watchers were not aware that all residents could vote.

After 16 chaotic hours marked by confusion and allegations of fraud, polls for the referendums that could change the size and makeup of the Town Board closed Tuesday night but the outcome won’t be available until at least Oct. 10.             Read more…